The website of your company is the first impression that customers experience when locating your business online. MicroPhoenix can design and construct a clear, professional and Search Engine Optimised corporate website.

Online Backup Service

Complete ease and automation to protect your servers and data. Our solutions offer secure and encrypted transfer.

Project Management

Has your business been presented with a new IT challenge requiring a deployment or project which is beyond the reach of your own technical scope or existing IT staff if you have any? If so, we can help you achieve your goals.


Analysis of your existing infrastructure and business requirements. Upgrades, redesign of your systems or a brand new implementation, MicroPhoenix can help.

Systems Migration

No IT infrastructure is future proof and eventually you are forced into migrating. We will definitely be able to help you to move your systems over with little downtime.


Virtual server technologies provide companies with the ability to do more with less, enabling the consolidation of data and applications onto single servers. This results in reduced costs, simplified IT and minimised space requirements.

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We offer eCommerce solutions based on Wordpress and Drupal.

eCommerce Solutions

on December 2, 2016

Woocommerce Woocommerce is a WordPress eCommerce toolkit that helps you sell anything, beautifully. It helps us build solutions that are secure, SEO ready and easy to manage. Drupal Commerce Our Drupal based solutions are built using Drupal Commerce. Drupal Commerce can adapt with your business as it grows or explores new models. It will scale right along with your business. Drupal generally powers heavily trafficked sites. VirtueMart Our Joomla eCommerce solutions often use VirtueMart.

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Migrate from Jekyll to Hugo

on October 10, 2016

Move static content to static Jekyll has a rule that any directory not starting with _ will be copied as-is to the _site output. Hugo keeps all static content under static. You should therefore move it all there. With Jekyll, something that looked like ▾ <root>/ ▾ images/ logo.png should become ▾ <root>/ ▾ static/ ▾ images/ logo.png Additionally, you’ll want any files that should reside at the root (such as CNAME) to be moved to static.

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5 SEO tips

on June 24, 2016

5 SEO Tips SEO is a vast and important topic. When it comes to having a web presence, it’s something you need to embed in your strategy. There is no point in having a website if nobody can find it. The next few tips just scratch the surface of SEO but they can help you being on the right path. SEO is mainly divided in two main categories; organic and backlinks.

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Create a portable version of Clonezilla live with Tuxboot

on June 24, 2016

Introduction Those who have used UNetbootin know it’s a fantastic tool. Up until now, UNetbootin was the best way to create a distribution on a stick. With UNetbootin, you can easily install a bootable Linux distribution onto a USB drive that can be used for various administrative tasks. The problem with UNetbootin is that it doesn’t support Clonezilla, one of the most popular open source, bare-metal recovery tools. To have a USB version of Clonezilla, you would normally go through the command line-based steps to get it installed.

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